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Tips to Lose Weight
Tips to Lose Weight
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Rick's Tips to Lose Weight

  • Eat a breakfast and plan meals
  • Make enough for leftovers (2-3 days worth)
  • Cook something healthy that takes time when you have time like the weekend
  • Find a good breakfast that you enjoy that’s healthy so you can look forward to it and then when you have cravings at night you can tell yourself that if you just go to bed,  when you wake up you can eat something you enjoy
  • Take 1 meal off a month , but that’s it ,eat what you want but for only one meal
  • Take pride in the fact that you can go and eat at a restaurant and order something  healthy while everybody else is eating junk
  • Tell yourself that you are stronger than them and you have will power and they don’t; TAKE PRIDE THAT YOU HAVE WILL POWER!!!!
  • Always eat half of whatever you order eat at a restaurant , take pride that you can do that while everybody else is wiping their plate clean
  • Find something healthy to eat between meals
  • A donut is 250 calories ,a handful of grapes is 100, remember  it all adds up
  • Find a program that works for you
  • Drink a lot of water , drink it while doing the same things everyday, like always drink water when you are driving (to work, to the gym, etc.)
  • If you do that , you will be drinking enough water before you know it
  • Stay away from alcohol, alcohol dulls your senses and makes you weaker in will power.  If you are going to drink, drink the day of the month that you are eating whatever you want
  • Count calories
  • If you can’t eat healthy foods try spicing them up
  • I use garlic powder, chili powder,   etc.
  • Its all in your head you will not die if you don’t have that donut
  • You will eventually eat something and your stomach will fill up and the craving will go away
  • I suggest that you eliminate those bad foods, I know some people say that if you have a craving go ahead eat some of that food so you don’t binge, bull, it’s a craving and its all in your head so learn how to deal with it, remember I am not a dietitian that has never been overweight, I use to weigh 538!!!!!
  • Do things around the house instead of watching TV or  reading e-mail
  • You won’t burn 1000 calories by doing a load of laundry but you will burn more than sitting on the couch
  • Once you start exercising on a routine basis, you will find out that you have more energy after you exercise, so you can do chores after you get back from the gym, no kidding!!!!
  • Make your program a high priority
  • Remember you can solve any problems if you are around to fix them, if you don’t get healthy you may not be around
  • You may be able to handle losing a job, can you handle losing your health